What are Pop-Ups?

Pop-Ups are a temporary activation and short-term retail format for brands, set up at targeted locations with high natural footfall like malls, corporate hubs, multiplexes, clubs, high-streets etc. A Brand can Pop-Up for as little as a day, or several weeks. It’s a global trend in retail and activations with an industry size of $50 Billion in US alone.

About Pop Up 72

www.popup72.com is India’s 1st & Largest Platform for Booking Promotional & Short Term Retail Spaces!

We aim to organise the thousands of promotional and short-term retail spaces (for periods ranging from 1 day to 11 months) across venue categories like malls, corporates, hypermarkets, RWAs, cafes, gyms, multiplexes etc. to offer a wide range of pop-up locations to upcoming brands / start-ups as well as established brands at a single platform.

Along with conventional spaces, we also plan to list unique spaces with clearly identified TG like co-working spaces, amusement parks, entertainment zones, pubs etc.; with the idea that any space from where revenue can be generated shouldn’t go underutilised!

We plan to provide pop-up / event execution (setup, manpower, coordination etc) as an additional service to brands coming through our portal. For the same, we’re partnering with BTL agencies Pan India (starting with Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore). Brands will have a choice to go through our recommended agency or any other agency.

About Stratagem & Relio Quick

Pop Up 72 is a product by Stratagem Business Consulting LLP. We have a strong background Integrated Marketing Communication, Experiential Marketing & Events since the last 20+ years through our agencies Relio Quick (www.relioquick.com) and Stratagem (www.teamstratagem.com); and have worked extensively with 100+ clients across Automobile, Real Estate and BFSI. RQ is a Platinum Member of EEMA, the largest association of event managers in India.