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Featured Venues

Pop-Up Formats

Pop-Up Retail Stores

These are short term flexible retail opportunities where you can open a pop-up retail store at high-footfall venues. The duration can range from a weekend (flea markets, exhibitions) to a few months (temporary kiosks). The objective is a mix of promotion, brand awareness and retail sales or lead generation. Explore More

Brand Activations

Activations have objectives like brand awareness and promotion, customer engagement or lead generation. These are shorter duration formats (typically ranging from 1 day to 1 week) used to showcase a new launch, test-market a product, generate buzz about a brand, provide a unique customer experience etc. Explore More

Mobile Pop-Ups

Mobile Pop-Ups are portable mini-showrooms which can be custom-built using trucks, containers, portable display kits etc. as per your brand’s requirement and can be used to cover select markets to increase your reach and generate a buzz. Explore More

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